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You may not know that this is our first line of products. When the Matro for Men team was hashing out details of what we wanted for our launch, we unanimously agreed upon a classic white shirt. The dark blue buttons match the background of our accent collar and cuffs. The pops of red remind us of a glass of wine after our team meetings. The ‘M’ on the back of this collar represents the true Matro blue and our commitment to making you look your best.

This launch is the result of countless research, extended discussions, late nights, weekends, and debates from Matro for Men’s first inception until now. Take pride in wearing our shirts, because you will now represent the line Where Sophistication Meets Strength™. When you button that last button, you will become one of the elite Matro Men #BecauseYouCan - both physically and mentally. Wear the shirts with confidence, not everyone looks good in Matro. 


Matro for Men is a lifestyle brand specializing in semi-tailored, luxury dress shirts for men with athletic physiques. Our line features timeless pieces, tapered to accentuate men with larger chest-to-waist ratios. We strive to produce clothing and accessories of the highest quality for men of the highest caliber. The Matro logo is featured on the back of the collar, because our men define the brand by defining themselves. Our designs take inspiration from the dapper threads of the 20s-50s; reviving the look of the ‘classic man’ while catering to the modern silhouette.

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