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The Matro Fit
Matro believes that if you work hard and look great in the gym, you should be able to do so in your everyday life #BecauseYouCan. Let us take you to the line where style meets comfort, where bold color meets functional design, where sophistication meets strength #WSMS
pronounced (ma-tro)

The Matro ‘M’ logo is located on the back of the collar, because we believe the Matro Man defines our brand by defining himself. The symbol is one to be proud of - wearing the M on your collar means that you have joined a select group of elite gentlemen, always striving to be the best in all endeavors. We believe quality men deserve quality clothing. Our shirts feature a greater waist-to-chest drop to accentuate your V-shaped build. Our semi-tailored design creates a custom feel without the hassles of alterations. We use strategic tapers and seams to accentuate all the right places for men who attack life with the same gusto they bring to the gym. Designed with you in mind – from the flexible sleeves to the contrasting collar – we believe exceptional men deserve exceptional clothing. #PorqueTuPuedes

Ethically Sourced

Breathable Fabric

Date Friendly

“V” Required

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Pronounced (Ma-Tro)

Matro for Men prides itself in being a dual-Americas brand. Combining the best features of the cosmopolitan term ‘metro’ with the Latin ‘macho’, we created the term Matro.

Are you Matro?

The Matro Man believes that he controls his own destiny and prefers to lead instead of follow. Because You Can™




Mentally, Physically, and emotionally strong

Strong sense of values

Champions Strives for excellence Stylish

Real men represent our brand. These men are fathers, brothers, leaders, war heroes who are grabbing life by the handlebars and pursuing their dreams. We consider ourselves fortunate to have such an extraordinary lineup of Matro Men. Porque Tú Puedes™

pronounced (mǎ-trō)

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